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  • AskfortheSale

How to Ask for the Sale

August 31, 2016


Do you know how to prepare BEFORE you ask for the sale?

Better yet, do you know HOW to ask for the sale?

Cory Smithheadshot1

Join myself and guest Cory Smith, a life success coach, business entrepreneur, and internet marketing guru,  for a powerful teleconference, as we share with you the in’s and out’s of how to ask for the sale.’  You’ll discover:

  • The Art of Convincing Yourself
  • The 3 Mindsets that are keeping you in a defeated mentality
  • Why you continue to reject actionable wisdom to achieve success in your business
  • The next 3 steps you need to take to move you towards victory in your business
  • How to ask for the sale
  • And more

We’ll also be sharing with you the components to changing the attitude. You’ll discover what type of relationship you have with money and how you can move yourself to a place of victory instead of walking around feeling defeated.  No one wants to feel that way.

Join me in my Purpose-Driven virtual room full of entrepreneurs who are not just talking about it but willing to do something about it.  Turn up your sales and turn your defeated mentality into a victorious mentality.

Take these 3 steps to move towards your victory.

  1. Put a slight smile on your face.  Now take a deep breath.
  2. Go to and lock in your virtual seat. [Cory has had 500 people on his BLABS in the past, so you may want to make sure you get a spot on this teleconference call]
  3. Get on the phone and call a client, customer or friend to invite them to be on the call with you.

BONUS: Now take another deep breath because you took a step to moving forward.