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  • ReFocusYourStruggles

I received an assignment from a new client that gave me mixed emotions.

I was saddened yet elated at the same time.


She was pouring out her heart and sharing her concerns.

She was tired of struggling and not able to make ends meet thru her business.

She felt as if people didn’t take her seriously in her business.

In fact, she was tired of her lack of confidence.

It was draining and she just didn’t know which way to turn, which is why she reached out to me.


I was saddened because I had felt the way she felt, but then I immediately felt joy and at peace because I was no longer dealing with what she was dealing with.


Can you relate?

The few clients that you have rave about you.

They think you are amazing, wonderful, gifted at what you do.

Yet you only have a few clients.


Its not that you aren’t grateful for the clients that you have.  You are!

Its just that you don’t have enough of those raving clients to pay the bills.


More clients means more income which means bills paid.

More clients means more confidence which means more energy which means more action which means more strategic risks which means more clients.


When you don’t feel good about yourself, you feel drained and then what results is tangled emotions and tangled thoughts, which then of course causes low energy, which results in lack of desire to do the things that you want to do.


Or maybe you are fully aware that you are good at what you do but there is something that is stopping you from taking strategic and inspired action to bring success into your business.


How do you stop this downward cycle?


There is a direct correlation between your energy and your output.

There is a connection between your success and your struggle.


In order to be able to even perceive success, you have to be able to first manage  your struggle in the correct manner.


On January 11 @8pm EST, Clestine, the Purpose Coach will help you to peel back the layers and discover why you are struggling and what you can do to manage it so that you can attract more joy and success in your life and business. We’ll do it step by step so that you can start to move forward.


In this Teleclass, you’ll discover:

  • Where God is in your struggles
  • The 3 “selves” that you need to know to move you forward
  • The types of entrepreneurs that exist and which one you need to be to actually make a change in your business and life
  • The reason you are struggling
  • Which struggles you need to embrace so that you can achieve success
  • The step you need to take now so you can take action now
  • And more.


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