Are you stuck in an area of your life?
    Do you want to discover your life purpose?
    Do you need support in achieving your goals and dreams?
    Do you need clarity or your life to be more organized?
    If you said YES, to any of the above, then you have come to the right place!

Does this sound similar to your story?
You are a Christian Professional Woman. You may even own your own home or appear successful to many people. It’s possible that you have a family that you are devoted to. You could even be single or very active in your church and community. Each morning when you wake up, you spend time with God in prayer and devotion, then before you even get out of the bed or start your day, your thoughts take a dive that looks similar to this….

    “I’m never going to loose weight” OR
    “I have a great job but I’m not happy at home” OR
    “I’ll never get that promotion” OR
    “I’m afraid to step out and live my dream” OR
    “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing with my life” OR
    “What am I going to wear today…well it doesn’t matter I never look good”

Before you even get out of your bed, many toxic, negative thoughts have bombarded your mind, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE ANY OF THEM.


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God’s Word tells you the truth and what to believe.

I Corinthians 2:16 says: “…But we have the mind of Christ”

Romans 12:2 says: “…Be not conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”

You can renew your mind and START by thinking the way God wants you to think about yourself. Start by saying some of these phrases first thing in the morning:

    “I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God and I are working together so I will be healthy and strong”
    “God has a plan for my life that will be fulfilled”
    “I am not alone. God is always with me”
    “Today is going to be a good day ’cause God is in it”
    “God will work this situation out for my good. I WILL look for the blessings in this situation”

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You don’t have to stay stuck. You can GET UNSTUCK with God’s help, and with my Mind Alignment Coaching System™ or the principles I will share when I speak at your conference or church. You can start thinking and living the way God wants you to. A life of inner peace and power. A life of fulfillment-living your life purpose.

As a speaker, I have been called to come to your church, conference or event, and empower your audience with spiritual tools and practical success principles to live a fulfilling life through God by renewing your mind–changing your mindset– so that you CAN walk by faith and NOT by sight.

As the developer of the Mind Alignment Coaching System™, I have developed a coaching system that uses biblical principles to quiet your negative self-talk, and align your mind with success habits. You can START this system by signing up for my FREE Renew My Mind* kit or contacting me for a 30 minute complimentary coaching consultation. Get Unstuck and start living the life that you were created to live!

Whether its at your conference, or in one of my coaching programs, I’m looking forward to supporting you to be who God created you to be.

God has a plan for your life. Let’s talk!

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    Clestine, the Purpose Coach and Mind Alignment Mentor