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3 Ways to Listen to Your Life

3 Ways to Listen to Your Life

By on Dec 28, 2010 in Blog, Get Unstuck, Spiritual Growth | 0 comments

Are You Listening to Your Life?

It’s a funny thing about God, He gives us all the bells and whistles that we need to make it through.   Are you so busy that you are not paying attention to your own life?   Let’s take a closer look at this…

The Nudge
When was the last time you felt that inner nudge? When we don’t listen to that inner nudge we tend to regret the decisions that were made. Here’s an example. A woman got up to go for a drink in the middle of the night and she felt that inner nudge. She felt a great need to take her baby out of the crib. She took a baby out of the crib and seconds later there was an earthquake. Where the baby’s crib once stood was now a pile of debris from the roof. She felt and paid attention to the inner nudge. The Holy Spirit often nudges me to do things or not to do things. When I listen I am grateful. When I don’t, I often regret it now or later.

Repeating Circumstances
Are you experiencing patterns in your relationships or career? We often inadvertently get ourselves into patterns that we may or may not want to be in. Choosing the same type of people, experiencing the same situations in our career, are things that should trigger us to stop and take a look. If patterns have been reoccurring in your life or over the last few months, is it possible that you are creating or attracting these situations. Is it possible that you need to learn something from these situations to help you get out of your comfort zone?

The Heart Prick
Have you ever been in a conversation when somebody says something that pricks your heart or makes your heart jump? Or some people say it’s as if a light bulb went off. I call that the prick of your heart. When this happens it probably means that you have to pay attention to what is being said and find out what it means to you.

All three of these life signals are just ways set up by God to help guide us or to provide us with the help or information that we need to make a decision in a certain area of our life. These signals could come close together or months apart. Or some people only get one signal and get the message.

Whether you are a corporate executive, a house wife, an entrepreneur or a student, learning to listen to your life can help guide you to make better decisions in life.

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