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Clestine, the Purpose Coach

In the Beginning
I was born in Sheffield, England. Shy, insecure, but for a purpose. I had problems speaking to people one-on-one never mind large crowds! But I discovered that your ultimate destiny is written before you are born. Mine included. Life dropped me hints that I was created to empower people through speaking and coaching. Hint#1: As a little girl when I played with my friends, I always wanted to be the teacher. As shy as I was, I enjoyed getting up in front of my group of friends– instructing, teaching, empowering!  Hint#2:An Elder of the church I attend told my parents I was going to be a preacher one day.  They laughed but never shared this with me until a few years ago.

Life Trains You Well!
We all have to go through training. Life continued to lead me into rigorous training. There were situations where I had to speak in front of large crowds, small crowds; businesses & churches. Whether I wanted to or not! During this time I discovered that I had a passion for encouraging people, creativity for developing training curriculum, and a wisdom for life that was considered amazingly profound at such a young age. Life also dealt me cards that empowered me, created an independence, boldness, and practicality in me that would be my unique style.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade
The year 2000 became the turning point in my life. I had been an engineer for 8 years by then yet 2 years into my career I had recognized that this was not what God created me for.  I had an empty spot that could not be filled.  After being promoted several times over the years, as an engineer,  in corporate America , that chapter of my life came to an abrupt end! I, along with hundreds others, was informed that we were going to be laid off! In the company that I was in at the time, they had four lay off dates. I was the only one that was laid off on October 27th. My birthday! (How d’ya like those lemons?). I didn’t cry or get upset but in my spirit realized that this was God’s way of saying “Happy Birthday girl! I have a wonderful gift for you. The gift of purpose!”

The last 2 years of my engineering career, I had deepened my relationship with God and He was starting to reveal to me that my life purpose was to teach others how to live their life purpose and live a fulfilling life thru Him. He began to show me that I should do this through coaching and speaking –the very thing I was shy about doing [although I am far from shy now! :-)]  So when I was layed off, I was at peace.

I have been drinking, cool, sweet lemonade and riding full throttle ever since.

Trusting Him.
Not too long after being informed that I would be laid off, God told me to move to Florida. I had no desire to move there–at all. But after much nudging by the Holy Spirit, I moved! I ended up working for a non-profit organization, which I realized was Divinely designed to train me to run my own business/ministry. After 2 years of “training”, God revealed that it was time for me to start my own. I gingerly obeyed and started Divine Discipline May 19th, 2003.  I’ve been pressing forward on this journey ever since.

Let Me Tell You More!
Speaking and coaching is my life purpose! Encouraging and Motivating others –especially women– to discover and live God’s purpose for their life is my passion! I desire to do God’s will and live the purpose that He has designed for me. I love people and want you to support you in living your full potential also.

I am an Elder, national speaker, life coach, author and developer of the Mind Alignment Coaching System™, my proprietary and proven step-by-step coaching and mentoring program, based on Romans 12:2,  that provides a formula and support on how to quiet your negative self-talk and align your mind with God, your next success level and your life purpose –that life that God created for YOU.  This is not a get it quick system, but a results-oriented system using biblical principals that works with your personality, faith, time and effort.

I am the founder and CEO of Divine Discipline a life development company.  I have over 15 years combined experience in speaking, training, team development, organization development, grant and project management experience. I have developed strategic performance measures, quality controls and awareness programs, and have managed various internal projects with private sector firms. I have earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering and trained to design systems for people that are efficient and effective. My experience includes running a quarter of a million dollar not-for-profit agency and assisting them with planning and systematic efficiency.
I’ve also been featured on 3ABN Today, in Collegiate Quarterly and Adventist Review,  to name a few.   All in all, my passion is to empower people and assist churches and businesses to strategically improve.

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