Helping you to transform in your life and business-with purpose!




Are you feeling a little run down and frustrated?

Maybe you are just running ragged and can’t seem to stay focused?

Feeling a little unorganized?


The Transformation Energy Package 

is designed for the successful, smart business owner and entrepreneur

who is experiencing feeling unfocused, frustrated, discouraged or burned out.


You have tried almost everything and you are fresh out of ideas. Tired of

reading and frustrated with seminars.


You don’t know which way to turn, you just know that you are passionate

about what you do, and you want to stop feeling this way.


One joyful, excited and energized client started crying and said: “My soul woke up. I wish I had done this 20 years ago”

Thirty minutes later she text me to say: “I am so excited. I’m shaking! “


The Transformation Energy and Action Package will help you to:

  • Discover your true self
  • Discover the action plan that will energize you
  • Identify your core values and strengths
  • Map out a plan to operate from your “essence” rather than from a “to-do” list
  • Know what actions and opportunities will move you forward and which will drain you based on your personality type
  • A cognitive tool to keep you focused, confident and energized


You’ll complete the program…

  • Feeling more confident
  • Feeling more energized
  • A unique crafted action plan for 2014 that works for you


You’ve been operating on borrowed energy.

Wondering deep down inside  if your business will ever be successful.

Now its time to BOOST your confidence, energy and focused action!


WEEK 1:  Your True Essence (Part 1)

Discover your true self and purpose, not what others and society say you are, but

who you are when you are operating according to the gifts, skills and purpose

God designed you with.  We’ll take a look at your core values and unique gifting.


WEEK 2:  Your True Essence (Part 2)

We’ll continue discovering your true self, by looking at your core strengths


WEEK 3: Your Unique Transformation Action Plan (TAP)

We’ll begin to develop a unique Transformation Action Plan that works

according to who you truly (your core values, skills, gifts and strengths) are

so that you can operate with more energy, focus and confidence.


WEEK 4: Align Your Mind

Discover a simple technique to stay energized and focused during each day

so that you can operate at your most focused, energetic and confident self.



(Receive these special bonuses if  you invest in this program within 48 hrs of one of my teleconferences or Clarity Sessions)



receive complimentary access to the

2K4 Money System (value $179) – a 10 Step process that will help you

to bring income now, using what you have now!



$300 gift certificate towards one of my 6 or 12 month Business Advancement and Personal Growth Private coaching packages




Make your investment Now!

[This program is valued at $599]


1 payment – $399


3 payments of $179




Are you feeling STUCK in an area of your life?

Need to find CLARITY?

Want to discover your LIFE PURPOSE?


Need support and accountability setting and ACHIEVING your goals?


Clestine has worked with men and women from executives to entrepreneurs; pastors to physicians across the nation, supporting them to discover who they are, discover their life purpose and live their life on purpose.


She has developed the Mind Alignment Coaching System™ designed to align her clients minds with success behaviors, their life purpose, God and their spirit.


Whether individual or group coaching, Clestine has a program and budget designed perfectly for you.

[All Coaching is done over the phone]



What is a Life Coach?


Someone who:


-Provides support and accountability needed to achieve goals

-Guides you to the right decisions for your life

-Helps you discover your passion and purpose

-Helps you develop success behaviors and habits

-Supports you in breaking out of self-defeating attitudes or behaviors


Who is Clestine, the Purpose Coach’ Ideal Client?


Someone who …

-wants to be fulfilled and successful in life

-is ready for change

-is open to being held accountable

-recognizes they need help achieving a goal

-wants to discover who they ‘truly’ are


What is Unique About Clestine, the Purpose Coach?


She uses her Mind Alignment Coaching System™ to align your mind with success behaviors so your results are transformational and lasting. This coaching system is Clestine’s proprietary and proven step-by-step coaching and mentoring program, based on Romans 12:2, that provides a formula and support on how to quiet your negative self-talk and align your mind with God, your next success level and your life purpose –that life that God created for YOU. This is not a get it quick system, but a results-oriented system using biblical principals that work with your personality, faith, time and effort.


Find out more about individual coaching here

Find out more about group coaching here


Are you ready to get started or want to find out more?

Schedule a 30 minute COMPLIMENTARY coaching consultation

with Clestine, the Purpose Coach.


Call 813-343-4112 to schedule an appointment or

Send an email to


Tell Clestine Who You Are.

Once you have scheduled a COMPLIMENTARY coaching consultation appointment, click here and fill out the pre-questionnaire [1 page], then forward it to Clestine [via email, fax or snail mail] 24 hours before your appointment


What People Like You Are Saying:


When Clestine presented the Discover You Group Coaching Program to me, I knew it was something that I needed. I felt like I had been going around the same mountain for years. I knew that I could come out of the situation I just didn’t know what to do. When I first started her coaching program, I had some deeply rooted fears and I really did not have a handle on who I was or what my purpose was. I knew I could do alot of things but I wasn’t sure what God wanted me to do. Once I started the program I began to learn different techniques on how to combat my fears. I am a structured person so the coaching tools that Clestine provided me with really helped me get my thoughts out and allowed me to process them better. At times I felt like I was in a sea of thoughts with no end result. With Clestine’s coaching tools I was able to swim out of the sea and get situations resolved. I was able to understand who I was and why I made the decisions I did whether they were wrong or right. I realized that all these years I allowed other peoples ideas, thoughts and opinions to shape this “me” person, but it wasn’t the real me.
In Clestine’s Discover You Group Coaching Program, we were able to take off the layers that were built up over all these years that were not who I was. I explained it as being a old house that needed remodeling. My house was gutted of all the old appliances, cabinets, sinks, tubs, etc… I was now able to see the real foundation of the house. I saw where the strengths were and I saw where the weaknesses were. The program helped me get to my core foundation. I now have a better understanding of who I am and what I want in life. I understand how God made me and why he made me. I understand my purpose even the more now, thanks to this program, and I thank God for sending Clestine my way!

-Latosha Baldwin, Huntsville, AL


I was at a crucial turning point in my life. I was unable to decide what path I needed to pursue in either family, spirituality or career. I only knew that I felt a strong need to do some inward analysis, something to let me know with surety that I was on track…Clestine helpe me to first define my goals and then provided me with her coaching tools to prioritize them. Not only did I identify the direction to take, but with her help I was able to pinpoint the precise job that would start me down this life fulfilling path. I would highly recommend Clestine to anyone seeking to find their purpose in life.

David Bradshaw, Technical Analyst, Nashville, TN


Get Unstuck! Get Clarity! Get Organized! Get Purpose! GET COACHING!