Helping you to transform in your life and business-with purpose!


Clestine has CD’s [live and studio recordings] that will inspire and encourage you to renew your mind [shift your mindset] and be transformed so you can live the life purpose that God has for you

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The 3-2-1 Punch to Get Unstuck from Self-Sabotage

If you are feeling stuck in an area in your life, you are probably self-sabotaging your life or business.  In this 1 hr CD discover:

  • the 3 mistakes you are making as a Christian or heart-centered entrepreneur
  • 2 reasons you are still in the same place you are now than you were last year
  • 1 powerful question you need to ask yourself to move you to your next level

$15 plus shipping and handling





Living Beyond Your Fears

$15 & S/H

II Timothy 1:7 says that “God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and a sound mind.”  Join Clestine, the Purpose Coach in this powerful seminar as she teaches you how to develop your sound mind to press through your fears.

Letting Go
$#15 + S/H

Join Clestine, the Purpose Coach in this CD as she shares some of her self-coaching tools to coach you on how to let go of your pain, bad habits, unforgiveness, emotional barriers and your negative past.


Broken for a Purpose.
$15 + S/H

Are you going through trials?  Do you wonder if God is still there in the midst of  your situations?  Whatever the case may be God said that we would experience suffering.  In this live recording in Maryland, Clestine shares 5 steps to press through your brokeness.


Standing In Your Dwelling Place.
$15 + S/H

Is it possible to have peace in the midst of trying situations?  YES!  Daniel stood confident in the lions den and so can you.  Listen as Clestine uses the story of Daniel to teach you the steps to standing strong in the midst of your trials.  [Live recording in Pennsylvania. ]



 Freed from Your Suffering

What if you were able to go thru your trials with love, joy and peace? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well you can. Discover 4 steps to being freed from your suffering. [Live recording in Tillamook, OR]





7 Steps to Becoming a Jacob Dreamer
$15 + S/H

Do you have a dream burning in your heart?  Discover the steps and mindset you need to achieve the dreams that God has placed in your heart.  [Live recording in Clermont, Fl]