Helping you to transform in your life and business-with purpose!

Speaking & Workshops

God has anointed Clestine, the Purpose Coach with a natural gift to teach and coach others in a simple, practical, interactive manner that empowers her audience and clients. Her unique style provides her audience with a blended approach of applying biblical principals and spiritual tools with success principles. Your congregation will be empowered, engaged and equipped with cognitive tools to not just desire an abundant spiritual life but to actually live it!

From Toronto to Tampa, Clestine is empowering congregations to get unstuck and reach beyond their ‘perceived’ limits to a fulfilling, successful life.  A life designed by God with blessings and challenges that mold and shape us into who He has created us to be. Whether you choose a theme or not, she allows the Holy Spirit to have the final Word in what she should say so your congregation or audience get the message that you need!

She makes them think!
She gives them solutions!
She keeps them engaged!

Clestine’s speeches and seminars are engaging, energetic, interactive, creative, powerful, heartfelt, and strategy-packed. Your congregation will have fun while staying engaged but leave empowered by the Holy Spirit and strategically equipped with cognitive and actionable tools to transform their lives to their next level of success… one step at a time.

She inspires churches, conferences, associations,and corporations, to use their obstacles as stepping stones to get unstuck and reach beyond their limits to success. This isn’t entertainment, but empowerment! Her desire is not to entertain but for the Holy Spirit to use her as God’s mouth piece to deliver the message that your church or group needs.

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What People Like You Are Saying About Clestine:

Clestine Herbert communicates well with every people group… This dynamic and talented young woman is more than fluff. She has something to say. Her presentations are more than entertainment. They go to the heart of the matter and have the potential of making us better people. Her ministry brings a blessing with it.” Elder Charles Bradford Sr., Retired President of The Seventh-Day Adventist Church in North America; Evangelist

Clestine has a God-given laser beam in her public presentations. Her messages win attention because she uses as few words as possible to reach out with her wit and profound grasp of world-class principles. She has the rare ability to hold one’s attention with divine common-sense. No one could possibly let the mind drift as she shares her own experience coupled with principles that spell success in whatever one’s life challenge may be.” Herbert Douglass, Retired Consultant to Amazing Facts, retired-president of AUC, retired-president Wiemer Institute, retired=associate editor of Advent Review

“There were several women in the group who had been “severly tried” in different ways. Her talking about being broken and how to work through it was very helpful. I would MOST CERTAINLY recommend Clestine to any church or women’s group! My group would love for her to come back again and give another weekend retreat like this one! Also, I would like to see her do more retreats here in Oregon and Washington” – Jeanna Stephens, Assistant Women’s Ministry Leader, Tillamook, OR

Clestine’s presentation for our Women’s’ Ministry Day was very timely for some self examination as to: what am I doing, how am I doing it, why am I doing it and the” now what”; Clestine’s thought provoking questions aided in the recognition that it is time to prepare oneself for the purpose and the living in Christ. The handouts and promotional flyers were very professional and added to the marketing of the presentation.

Clestine’s spirit and love for the Lord was exemplified in her life story and her presentation, which was very motivating and confirming. I would definitely recommend Clestine to others and would have her return, as her gentle approach to moving others to slow down, “stop doing”; take time, “be in Christ”; listen, and “smell the sweet aroma” leaves an impression. Thank you Clestine, and to God be the glory!
-Elizabeth Boulwaire-Baire, Women Ministry Leader, Hillside Church, Pennsylvania