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Sermons & Speeches

NOTE:This is a partial list. Contact Divine Discipline to get a full list of sermons, speeches, workshops, life coaching, and products. Clestine can also customize a unique sermon topic or workshop for your event or theme. Just ask!

Broken for a Purpose. (Sermon or Workshop) 

God designed us for a purpose, so why do we go through so many challenges?  Our sinful nature must be broken so Christ’s love, power and purpose can be fulfilled in our lives.  In this presentation, you’ll discover how to press thru challenges with faith, confident obedience and power.  You’ll leave knowing not only how to talk, but walk with purpose!

3 P’s of Rebuilding Your Life(Sermon based on the book of Nehemiah).

The past mistakes do not determine your future achievements.   Let the Holy Spirit begin to restore and rebuild you as you discover 3 main steps to achieving breakthroughs and rebuilding your life.

But We Have the Mind of Christ(Sermon)

In Corinthians, Paul tells us that we have the mind of Christ, but why do we still have toxic thoughts and bad habits.  In this powerful sermon, Clestine shares 5 steps to operating with the mind of Christ so that you can take captive your thoughts and make them obedient to Christ and live the life He died for you to live.