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NOTE:This is a partial list. Contact Divine Discipline to get a full list of sermons, speeches, workshops, life coaching, and products. Clestine can also customize a unique sermon topic or workshop for your event or theme. Just ask!

Be Transformed. Renew Your Mind.

The bible tells us in order to be transformed we must renew our minds.  Using biblical principals, Clestine shares the difference between fear based emotions and faith based emotions; how God designed our brains in such a way that we can reprogram them to think more positive instead of negative and more.  You audience will leave understanding the mind and how the fruit of the spirit of “self control” can be used to lead us to a better life.

Taking God With You Wherever You Go!

In this information age, we have so much “white noise” and information bombarding our minds–constantly. During this fun and interactive workshop, Clestine teaches you how to use your every day items and gadgets to stay focused on God and to remind you to pray & connect with Him.