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Success Stories

Enjoy reading the successes of some of Clestine, the Purpose Coach’ clients:

“In 12 months my income increased in my business by 309%” – Rozanne Ritter, San Antonio, Fl,

“When I met Clestine, the Purpose Coach, I was feeling stuck in my business. I was not making the money that I wanted to make, so when she came to my networking group and announced that she helped people to get unstuck and move forward, I knew she was what I had been praying for. Working with Clestine helped me to develop a more intimate relationship with God, my confidence increased and I had a business building strategy that worked for me. Within the 1st 6 months, I increased my income by 25%, within the 1st 12 months my income increased by 309%. And I’m glad to say that I checked my books the other day I’m on target to be making 8 times more this year than last year” Rozanne Ritter, San Antonio, Fl, ReLiv, Inc.,




the coaching tools that Clestine provided me with really helped me…” Latosha Baldwin, Huntsville, AL

When Clestine presented the Discover You Group Coaching Program to me, I knew it was something that I needed. I felt like I had been going around the same mountain for years. I knew that I could come out of the situation I just didn’t know what to do. When I first started her coaching program, I had some deeply rooted fears and I really did not have a handle on who I was or what my purpose was. I knew I could do alot of things but I wasn’t sure what God wanted me to do. Once I started the program I began to learn different techniques on how to combat my fears. I am a structured person so the coaching tools that Clestine provided me with really helped me get my thoughts out and allowed me to process them better. At times I felt like I was in a sea of thoughts with no end result. With Clestine’s coaching tools I was able to swim out of the sea and get situations resolved. I was able to understand who I was and why I made the decisions I did whether they were wrong or right. I realized that all these years I allowed other peoples ideas, thoughts and opinions to shape this “me” person, but it wasn’t the real me.  In Clestine’s Discover You Group Coaching Program, we were able to take off the layers that were built up over all these years that were not who I was. I explained it as being a old house that needed remodeling. My house was gutted of all the old appliances, cabinets, sinks, tubs, etc… I was now able to see the real foundation of the house. I saw where the strengths were and I saw where the weaknesses were. The program helped me get to my core foundation. I now have a better understanding of who I am and what I want in life. I understand how God made me and why he made me. I understand my purpose even the more now, thanks to this program, and I thank God for sending Clestine my way! – Latosha Baldwin, Huntsville, AL

I’m more at peace and the business is growing. – Larry Dieffenwierth, Owner/Insurance Agent,

When I met Clestine I was feeling kind of lost in my life and in my business. I felt kind of beat up spiritually. I knew I needed to get closer to God and decided to work with Clestine. Thanks to her I learned to meditate, I started reading the Bible again and I draft my day in the morning. I have found it easier to talk to God and to go through the day in a more thoughtful, spiritual way. I get more done and am seeing more results in my life and business.  I’m more at peace and the business is growing. I have more prospects to work with and more customers too. I’m happier now, less stressed, not angry at the world like I was before. Thank you Clestine and thank you God. – Larry Dieffenwierth, Owner/Insurance Agent,

My income has increased… – Erica Johnson, Your Mr. Right Attraction Mentor,

After taking part in the mind alignment coaching program with Clestine, the Purpose Coach, my life has changed. Not only has my mindset changed, but I learned how to align my days with my goals and be in agreement with God. Since coaching with Clestine, I’ve gained new clients in my business and my income has increased. – Erica Johnson, Your Mr. Right Attraction Mentor,

I would highly recommend Clestine to anyone seeking to find their purpose in life.” David Bradshaw, BizTech Consulting Group,

I was at a crucial turning point in my life. I was unable to decide what path I needed to pursue in either family, spirituality or career. I only knew that I felt a strong need to do some inward analysis, something to let me know with surety that I was on track…Clestine helpe me to first define my goals and then provided me with her coaching tools to prioritize them. Not only did I identify the direction to take, but with her help I was able to pinpoint the precise job that would start me down this life fulfilling path. I would highly recommend Clestine to anyone seeking to find their purpose in life. – David Bradshaw, BizTech Consulting Group,

 I would recommend coaching with Clestine, the Purpose Coach because you cannot afford not to! Her God-inspired counsel is practical and the results are amazing. Once the concepts are introduced and utilized, you will experience freedom in your life.” – Angela Anderson, President & Founder Head to the Sky, Inc.

After I gave birth to my son, my world changed. Although being a mother is a beautiful experience, I often felt overwhemeled trying to fit so many things into my schedule. Each day, I was exhausted – not just sleep deprived, but mentally and unfortunately spiritually. I did not know how to spend quality time with God like I used to prior to my son’s birth. Nothing seemed to work and I kept going in circles waiting for something to change. Finally, I prayed about my situation and that is when I received an email from Clestine, the purpose coach. Once I applied the recommended techniques, I noticed immediately that my days were less stressful. I was able to think clearly, prioritize more effectively, and complete my tasks more readily. Overall, I became so much more productive! I now feel renewed more prepared to get through my days. I wish I had been doing this all along. – Angela Anderson, President & Founder Head to the Sky, Inc.