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Do you know that God has already given you what you need to increase your income?

Are you tired of hearing about get rich quick schemes?

Are you frustrated with people calling you about multi-level marketing businesses [MLM’s]?

Are you worried about how you’re going to pay the next bill?

Are you just making ends meet—or barely?!

Are you frustrated that you haven’t been able to find a job yet?

You may even be tired of some of the prosperity teachings…

Watch my story of how and why I became a co-developer of the 2K4 Money System and how it will bring financial increase or a cash injection into your life.




Many people are not aware that God has already given them what they need life and godliness…that includes financial increase. [See II Peter 1:3]

By using the gifts, your passion and items in your home that God has already given you, and by using a proven system that supports you in organizing and planning your financial increase project, along with your time, energy and effort, you can begin to see increase now.

Does it require a shift in your mindset?

Does it require faith with works [time and effort] ?

In the 2K4 Money System, I share how God showed me how to inject over $1000+ into my income — in addition to what I was bringing in– in just 3 1/2 days.  With just an hour or so of preparation time.

This is not a get rich quick scheme!

It is not a multi-level marketing business that I’m sharing!

This is about taking what you already have and turning it into c.ash with good, honest work, using biblical principals.


You’ve Been Praying. Now Here is Your Answer

Many Christians and non-Christians are looking for a supplement, increase or addition to their cash flow. The 2K4 Money System provides you with an answer.  I’m going to share how God showed me how to bring in $1000+ using what I already had in my house with the gifts that He had already given me.

You can to!

Your income increase is right under your nose and you just need someone to give you a nudge or bring it to your attention.  Just like God brought it to my attention through II Kings 4:1-7 and my business coach!


My Story.  It worked for me. Now let it work for you.

Too many times I find that people are not willing to step out of their comfort zone and do good honest work, with what God has already given them.

I hope that is not you.

I’ve experienced the same money challenges in my life so I don’t want you to feel like you are alone, or as if I have no idea what you are experiencing right now–I do!

In the 2K4 Money System, I am going to share with you what the Holy Spirit illuminated to me in II Kings 4:1-7 to prepare me for the powerful steps that my business coach shared with me the next day  [Yes, I believe in coaching so much that I have coaches also! 🙂 ].

I was in need of acquiring over $1000 within a week in addition to my regular business income.  I needed it fast.  I casually mentioned this to my business coach and he casually said “OK! No problem.  This is what you are going to do.”

After reading II Kings 4:1-7, then listening to and implementing the steps my coach gave me, I acquired the $1000+ in not a week, but 3 1/2 days. I was flawed at the same time that I was excited and because I have a teachers spirit, I always want to share and teach what I have learned with whomever is willing and ready to listen and learn.


Your increase is right under your nose.

Using the increase principals in II Kings 4:1-7 and the wisdom of Coach Freddie Mitchell, we have co-designed a system that will make it easier for you to map out and execute your plan for increase  in just days.

Read and meditate on II Kings 4:1-7, then follow each step of The 2K4 Money System(tm) and you will see an  increase.


Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself?

If you are ready to get some cash now using the gifts God has given you or items that are in your home. Pay with the secure PayPal button below.

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The 2K4 Money System will help you to identify your gifts and passion, then provides the system to map out a plan to use it for financial increase.  Your prosperity comes through your purpose and obedience to God ways and principals.


What do I share in the 2K4 Money System

  • The 10 step process I used to inject cash into my household quickly
  • Why its important to put together a budget and an outline to write your budget
  • Why it’s important to use your gifts and talents and not that of someone else.
  • The 4 pertinent questions that you must ask yourself, to help you identify your gifts, passion and/or purpose.
  • The one thing that I needed to do that I had been having a problem with all these years, that made a big difference in the cash flow.
  • How to create the list that you will work from so that the list accelerates your achievement rate and increase your cash injection.
  • How to set goals so that they build momentum and keep you on track
  • What I had to do to create momentum and keep me going —especially towards the end.
  • 3 areas in your home or life that can support you in bringing increase–its right under your nose!
  • How to write your script and the importance of a script–this is about being authentic – building your confidence not being deceptive, but open and honest.
  • I will share the 6 key areas you should think about when writing your script.
  • I will also share the exact script that I used and the key question that encourage more people to invest in my product.

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